If you are in need of a small event space for rent, you will want to read this article about our event space rental.  If your goal is to find a functional venue rental at a decent price, this article is for you.

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Fort Worth metro area.  We handle events for 10-275 attendees, and we have learned to streamline the process so it is applicable for most events and situations.

Read on and learn from industry pros about venues in Fort Worth and other areas.

Cutting through all the confusion

Most event room rentals advertise their venues with specific terms like “wedding venues” or “party venues rental” or “corporate event space.”  We don’t do that at Tarrant Events Center.  We like to think of our location as a venue for all occasions.  We don’t limit ourselves to  a single type of event, and we can advertise that way because our venue is generic in nature.  Our venue can hold any type of event. Are you looking for outdoor wedding venues?  Are you looking for indoor wedding venues?  Are you looking for cheap banquet halls or reception venues?  How about a class reunion or a quinceanera venues?

We’ve got you covered!

How do we do that?

We provide the basics for any type of event.  We provide tables, chairs, linens, WiFi, audio equipment, video equipment, and indoor and outdoor facilities.  We leave the rest up to you.  We provide the space and we say to you “turn it into any event you want.”

It’s that simple!

Do you want a caterer, or do you want to provide your own food? It makes no difference to us at all. Do you want a DJ or do you want to DJ yourself? We couldn’t care less.  It won’t affect our very reasonable price for our facility.  You set up, you take down, and you organize.  We simply give you a blank canvas to work with.

It’s that simple!

Why do it our way?

Because we offer flexibility and we offer the opportunity to negotiate with vendors and thus save money.

Listen:  the main cost of holding a small event, or any event for that matter, is not the cost of the event space rental.  The main costs involve all of the amenities you will be needing.  There is money to be saved in planning the event yourself and negotiating with vendors.  Signing a package deal with some event space venue is a money-losing approach.  At Tarrant Events Center, our sole goal is to offer a decent and fair price for a quality venue location.  We figure you are smart enough to plan for the actual event, and if you start your planning early enough, you will save money in the process.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a small event space for rent, you should also be looking for a small cost.  Learn to negotiate.  There are many vendors out there in a very competitive industry.  Use that to your advantage and save money.

Tarrant Events Center: we are all about giving you value for your buck, and making your event a memorable happening.

Give us a call for more information about small event spaces for rent.