small banquet halls

Before you start looking for a small hall for rent, read this article. There are a few things you need to know about the “halls for rent” industry. This article should fill in any gaps in knowledge you might have, and arm you with some valuable information about the event centers in your area.

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Fort Worth Metro area and all of Tarrant County, Texas. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information.  Now, though, let’s talk about the basics of renting a quality event space rental.

Not all small halls for rent are the same

The problem with looking for a small hall for rent is the definition of what a small hall for rent is.  In reality, a small hall for rent is an empty room, four walls, a ceiling, floor, and that ends the list of requirements.  There are VFW halls. There are Elks halls. There are event centers like Tarrant Events Center. There are the back rooms of restaurants.  There are church meeting rooms, and there are school auditoriums.  Most hotels have event hall rentals.

In other words, you have options.

Start with the size of your event. Will you have fifty attendees? Will you have three-hundred?  And what is the capacity for the event space venue you are considering?

What other amenities do they offer besides tables and chairs, which are pretty much standard among all halls for rent.  To help you understand what is available out there, let’s consider Tarrant Events Center as a place to compare against.  We offer tables and chairs. We have ten floor plans to choose from. We have a moveable stage, wireless microphones, two VIP rooms, indoor and outdoor seating space, ample parking, a finishing kitchen, great sound system, and six large video monitors plus WiFi.

Again, not all event hall rentals are the same, but that will give you something to compare against.

The price range is significant

Consider all that we are offering at Tarrant Events Center, and then consider that our full-day rental cost is between $1500 and $2500 per event, depending upon the day of the week.  You can find an event room rental for less.  You can find them for more. Again, compare against the cost, consider your specific needs and budget, and it will be time to choose from among your suitors.

Finding a near-perfect match

Your near-perfect match is out there if you live in a city of decent size.  You may have to give up a little to get much more.  You may have to make some adjustments.  But you can come close to your perfect match if you begin your search early, and by early we mean a year in advance.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

And, while we are talking about making a reservation a year in advance, consider all-inclusive pricing. At Tarrant Events Center, we take reservations a year in advance, and we boast about all inclusive pricing, meaning the price we quote you is the price you will pay, no hidden fees, no last-minute charges.  We agree upon a price, a full year in advance, and that is the price you will pay, period, end of discussion.

We believe that’s how business should always be done, and that’s what you should expect.  Call us if you are in the Fort Worth area looking for a small hall for rent. We can back up our claims as being one of the best event centers in Fort Worth.