Looking at small halls for rent can be a stressful undertaking for people.  We at Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, believe important events should be as stress-free as possible. That is why we have made this list of tips when looking at small halls for rent.

Here are some suggestions to consider when looking for an event space rental

Some things to consider:

  • Plan early, plan early, plan early
  • Look for flexibility
  • Look for easy access
  • Look for adequate-to-overflow parking space
  • Do not detour from your budget
  • Look for a turnkey venue rental

Let’s look at each of these

Plan early

We cannot overemphasize this one. The earlier you begin planning, the better the chance that you will get everything you want at the budget price you can afford.  One year in advance of the event is our suggestion; anything less than that runs the risk of disappointment.

Look for flexibility

Tarrant Events Center has an outdoor and indoor venue. It has banquet seating for 100 guests, and auditorium seating for 135 guests.  It can accommodate from 10-275 guest.  We have a list of recommended DJ’s, caterers, and food trucks. We give you the space you need and the freedom you desire to put your personal touch on the event you are planning in venues in Fort Worth.

Look for easy access

How easy is it to access the event hall you are renting? Is it on a major highway or arterial, or is it far from the maddening crowd?  A country setting out in nature is lovely, but it is also a pain to access.  Tarrant Events Center is at Loop 820 and Hwy 377, easily accessed by all of Tarrant County.

Adequate parking

Putting on an event but not providing adequate parking is a recipe for disaster.  Frustrated guests who must search for parking may just turn around and go home.  Look for on-site parking plus overflow parking at the event venue.

Stick to the budget

We cannot say this enough: if you start your planning a year in advance, you greatly increase your chances of staying within your budget.  The late bird rarely gets the worm of choice.

Turnkey venue rentals are best

What’s a turnkey rental?  You insert the key, walk in, and set up your event no matter what type of event you are holding.  The basics are provided and you negotiate with vendors and musicians and caterers to achieve your personal vision. Tarrant Events Center is a perfect example of a turnkey event center.

Bottom Line

Everyone loves the bottom line, so let’s get there:  Make a list of your needs; make a list of your wants; set a budget; and start your process as early as possible.  Small halls for rent which meet your needs are out there, but it is your job to find them, and starting early increase the odds of success.

Tarrant Events Center does the job right.  We give you all you need, and put you in position to succeed at a price you can afford.  An event hall rental does not have to be complicated or stressful.