small wedding venues

One of the natural consequences of COVID and the post-COVID economy was the embracing of small and the rejection of large, and this was especially true with regards to small wedding venues.  Many large wedding venues closed up in 2021.  Many of the affordable wedding venues thrived during THE COVID YEARS, and this is a trend we believe will carry on for quite a few years to come: smaller can be better than large and ostentatious, and it certainly can be more affordable.

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Now, let’s talk about the values which await you at small wedding venues.

Saving money in a tough economic climate

At Tarrant Events Center, we do not believe in going into debt while hosting an important event.  You have far too many options available to you when planning a wedding; finding one which fits your financial budget is certainly possible.  And in this tough economic climate, finding an option, a wedding venue, which will work with you regarding your small budget is much easier to do today than it was pre-COVID.  Event centers are scrambling, post-COVID, to rent their event space.  There are fewer customers post-pandemic, which means event center managers must find ways to attract the dwindling customer base.

This is seen in the lower rental costs we are now experiencing. This is seen in a growing list of amenities offered by event centers.  And this is scene in the number of creative solutions available today for saving money.

Embrace DIY in Small Wedding Venues

We understand thi s at Tarrant Events Center. That is why we are basically a DIY event center.  What that means is this: we offer the event space rental. We supply chairs and tables, an audio and video system, and ten floor plans to choose from.  After that, however, we believe in you taking care of food prep, entertainment, and decorations.  We know you can save big money by negotiating with vendors, so we stay out of it.  We charge you a rental fee, period!

Embrace small and intimate

We know most people dream of a huge wedding with thousands of family and friends, but truthfully, if you have a budget to be concerned about, huge will not do.  We recommend trimming down that guest list.  You will save money by renting a smaller wedding venue, and you will save money on food prep.  Besides, small wedding venues are much more intimate and memorable than large ones, and a wedding should be all about memorable.

Combine wedding and reception in one venue

Another way to save money on a wedding is to combine the wedding and the reception at one location. Tarrant Events Center offers the wedding venue plus over one acre of landscaped grounds for the reception.  You pay for one and you get two during a full-day rental, and that translates into big savings.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, centrally located, and offering all you need in small wedding venues. Call us today and tell us what you need. With our ten floor plans, we are sure we can accommodate.