wedding venues

The number of available wedding venues is increasing in today’s commercial world. As more and more property owners look for creative ways to “expand” their businesses and money-making opportunities, we see the number of affordable wedding venues increasing rapidly.

This is good news and bad news for those looking at inexpensive wedding venues.  The bad news is you have quite a few to look at before you can make a decision. The good news is the almost absolute certainty that what you want, and what you need, are out there waiting for you.

We can help in that search for a wedding venue. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and we have a couple tips which might help you save a buck or two, and put you into the absolute best event space rental for your particular situation. Call us for more information at 817-996-3636.

Read the rental contract carefully and know what you are getting

There are wedding venues which just rent the venue and that’s it. There are venues which also include tables, chairs, audio, video, and WiFi.  There are venues which require you to use their food service. And there are venues which require you to pay them for clean-up.

There are venues which have hidden surcharges. There are venues which will charge for the utilities used.

Know what you are agreeing to.  It is not always a black and white world when renting a wedding venue.

Negotiate for the incidentals and amenities

Beware of an event hall rental which includes food preparation, decorations, and entertainment.  Do not get locked in with those amenities.  You can do much better on price if you negotiate with vendors yourself.

This is a competitive world.  Why pay the wedding venue to be a middle man for you with regards to vendors when you can negotiate on your own? Or why pay a middle man when you can provide the amenities and really save money?  Do you really need a catering service when your Aunt Catherine is an excellent cook? Do you really need A & B Decorators to string streamers when you have your college friends standing by offering to help?

Rent an indoor/outdoor event venue

Tarrant Events Center has an indoor event space, but we also have over one-acre of landscaped grounds, meaning you have the option of indoor wedding venues or outdoor wedding venues, all in one venue. This is unusual in the venue renting business, but we think it is a really cool option for those who would like choices for their dollar.

Rent half-day if it works for your situation

Tarrant Events Center also offers rentals for the half-day as well as the full-day.  Why pay for more if you don’t need it?  Of how about renting a half-day for the wedding and a half-day for the reception, and stay in the same location for both, making it ultra-convenient for guests?

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated. We are one of the newest event centers in the Fort Worth area, which means we are going to try harder to please you and to meet your needs. Call us today. We take reservations a full year in advance of your event, and we offer all-inclusive pricing.