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A quinceanera party is one of those cultural events which demands the best effort possible in planning the party. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, an event which will be remembered, with fondness, for decades afterwards, and that is why extra care must be taken in the planning of that quinceanera event.

This article, then, will help you as you begin to plan for the quinceanera party.  Hopefully, this information will help you to plan the ultimate party for that loved one of yours.

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Begin planning a full year in advance

We are not going to spend much time with this suggestion; we are simply suggesting that the quinceanera party is important enough that it should demand your attention very early on, and you really can’t over-plan such an important event. Most event centers will take reservations a full year in advance, so take advantage of that booking option and reserve early.

Choose from the many quinceanera themes

The number of quinceanera themes is only limited by the limits of your imagination.  A Cinderella theme? A Beauty and the Beast theme?  A Night in Manhatten theme?  A Tropical theme?

Deciding upon a theme early will give you the maximum amount of time in arranging for theme-based food, theme-based decorations, and theme-based entertainment. All of these things take time, and you ONLY have one year to arrange it all, so choose that theme before you do anything else.

Who will be invited?

Get to work on that guest list. The size of the guest list will affect the size of the quinceanera venue, and it will affect the amount of food you will need.  The final decision on who to ask will ultimately rest with the “star of the event,” but our suggestion is this: when in doubt, err on the sided of caution, and invite more rather than less.  Feelings can be hurt if certain people are not invited to such an important event, and a quinceanera is a celebration of life, not a reason for hurt feelings.

Begin touring quinceanera venues until you find the perfect match

You have a vision; you have a theme; it is now time to search for a quinceanera venue which matches that vision and that theme.  Look for a party venue which offers flexibility in design and options. For example, at our Tarrant Events Center, we offer ten floor plans plus an acre of landscaped grounds.  That kind of flexibility in design allows our clients/customers to turn loose their imaginations and shoot for the stars when planning the party.

Hire vendors or DIY? Which is the best approach?

This option is completely up to you.  Hire food vendors, don’t hire food vendors.  Hire a professional decorator or do it yourself.  Hire entertainment, or find entertainment among your friends and family.  If money is not an issue, go crazy and hire the best. If money is an issue, adopt a DIY attitude, roll up your sleeves, and start cooking.

Make a checklist and refer to it constantly

Early on, make a checklist of all things which must be done in preparation of the party. Add to that list as you proceed, mark off items as they are completed, and refer to it constantly.  It is very easy to forget to do things when you begin planning a year in advance, so protect against a lapse in memory by always having that checklist close by.

Have the time of your life

Remember, a quinceanera is a celebration.  Yes, it requires a ton of work and yes, you will have the occasional attack of nerves, but please, remember to enjoy the process. It only happens once, and it is the creation of life-long memories that you are involved in.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center offers all inclusive pricing, meaning there are no hidden fees, so surprises at the last minute. The price you agree on when you sign the contract is the price you will pay at the end. Call us today and arrange for a tour of Fort Worth’s newest party room rental.