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This article is for all of you who have never rented an event center rental, but who are facing such a rental in the near future. Hopefully we can answer some of your questions in this article, thus making your future event space rental experience a bit easier.

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Now, let’s take a look at some of your questions.

What can you expect to pay for an event center?

Rental prices for an event hall rental are all over the board.  You can find them for $500 per day. You can find them for $10,000 per day.  It depends upon the city you are located in, the time of year you want to hold your event, and the location within your city.

How many people can an event center accommodate?

Again, this answer just depends on the individual event centers. Some can hold 200 attendees, while some can hold one-thousand.  It also depends upon the configuration of the event center. For example, at Tarrant Events Center, we have ten floor plans which can be used, and the capacity changes depending upon which floor plan you choose.  Your best bet: ask ahead of time and make sure the event center can handle the number of attendees you are planning on. Make sure, also, that there is ample parking for all of your attendees.  Do not assume otherwise.

What kind of events can be held in an event center?

There are event centers which are specifically wedding venues. There are event centers which are specifically corporate meeting venues, and there are event centers which specialize as birthday party venues.  Tarrant Event Center is one-shop shopping. No matter what kind of event you are holding, Tarrant Event Center can serve your needs.

What amenities come with an event hall rental?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some event centers have tables, chairs, and that’s all. Some also offer WiFi. Some have video monitors, and some have a kitchen for food preparation.

Can you rent for half-days?

At some event room rentals yes, you can rent half-days.  Some offer half-days or full-days, and some only offer full-day rentals.  Make sure you are aware of what times you can come to set up, and what time you are expected to be cleared out after the event.

What is the best time of year for renting?

Again, and we apologize for this, this is a tough question.  Most weddings happen in the spring and summer, so finding affordable wedding venues in November is much easier than in April.

The answer to this question, then, is there is no best time for renting an event center. Just make sure you begin your search a year in advance to increase your chances of obtaining one for your specific date.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Ten floor plans, a moveable stage, topnotch audio and video equipment, two VIP rooms, a finishing kitchen, WiFi, plus one-acre of landscaped grounds and ample parking, the Tarrant Events Center is your one-stop shopping location no matter what kind of event you are holding. Call us today and arrange for a tour of our facility.