Renting reception venues

A bit strange, an event center writing that to rent reception venues is to toss money down the drain, but hang with us, read on, and you will find out why we say that.

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The cost of reception venues.

Price depends on location and the number of reception halls available in a particular city, so naming a price for this article is a bit misleading. Still, let’s just say the range in cost is $500-$5000 for the sake of this discussion.

The cost of wedding venues.

Again, same statement about cost regarding wedding venues as with reception venues, but let’s say, again, the rental cost can be anywhere between $500-$5000, depending on where you live and the popularity of a given venue.

Why pay for both reception venues and wedding venues?

Traditionally, the wedding is held at a wedding venue i.e. church, garden park, and the reception is held in an event hall rental, completely separate from the wedding venue.  The happy couple is wed in, say, a church, then the entire wedding party and attendees climb into cars and drive to the reception venue.

The problem, as we see it, is a doubling of efforts and a doubling of cost, when it really isn’t necessary.  Why rent two event space rentals when it is completely doable to hold both events at one venue.

Surprisingly, most people reading this never considered that possibility, so strong is the traditional approach to weddings.

Let’s look at our own Tarrant Events Center, and we will show you how it can be done, thus saving money.  At Tarrant Events Center, we have the main, indoor event room, where one event can be held.  However, we also have over an acre of landscaped grounds, giving us the option of a second event held adjacent to the main event room rental.  Thus, an outdoor wedding venue and an indoor reception venue, or vice versa, is completely doable.

Bottom line, you are saving money by renting one venue for two events, rather than renting two venues for two events.  An added bonus: the attendees do not have to drive to another reception hall rental. A second added bonus:  you will only have to decorate one area instead of two.

No matter how you look at it, this approach to a wedding/reception is cheaper and much-less labor intensive.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, and one of the newest Fort Worth event centers.  Because we are so new, we try harder to find ways to make your event special, and providing you with the space for a wedding, and reception, is just one way we stand out in the crowd.

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