There are certain challenges when looking at winter wedding venues, and in this article we will talk about them, the specific challenges and the solutions to those challenges.  We are Tarrant Events Center, rocking the event space rental world in Fort Worth, Texas, and we are here for you if you want answers to specific questions. Give us a call and we’ll chat about winter wedding venues until you have the answers you need.

Winter poses unique problems for a wedding venue

Winter cannot be trusted!  A harsh statement for sure, but also a true one.  Mother Nature is not on her best behavior during the winter months, not with hail storms and torrential downpours, not with heavy winds and bone-chilling snows.  No, Mother Nature cannot be counted on to provide sunny and eighty for a winter wedding.

So you need to plan accordingly.  Yes, in Fort Worth, during the winter, we can get some lovely days, but we can also get some days which came straight from Hades, and since you name a date, and plan for a wedding, about six months in advance, there is no way to play for the weather in December or January or February.

As my grandmother loved saying, you need to plan for the worst and celebrate anything better than that!

So what can you do to prepare?

Assume the worst! The first thing you want to do is make sure that the wedding venue you are considering have good heat systems.  Venue rentals by their very nature are large buildings, and large buildings, by their very nature, are hard to heat, so make sure you ask about the heating system for every event room rental you visit.

Make sure there is an area for a coat room.  People will be arriving with wet coats and umbrellas. They will need a place to store such items.

Parking is always an issue

You will want to look for a place where the parking is close to the event hall rental.  You don’t want your guests trudging through Nature’s worst for thousands of feet, getting drenched and frostbitten in the process.  Close-by parking will be greatly appreciated.

Indoor/outdoor option

If at all possible, choose a place like Tarrant Events Center, a place which has an indoor wedding venue as well as an outdoor venue of one-acre. That way, if the weather does cooperate, you can shift part of the festivities outdoors, or at the very least the attendees will have an area where they can go outside for a breath of fresh air.

And don’t forget about lighting

Winter has its own set of issues with regards to lighting.  Make sure the indoor wedding venue has adequate lighting for the photographers.  If it doesn’t, you’ll have to bring in supplementary artificial lighting, and that could get problematic.

The bottom line about winter wedding venues

The bottom line in the Fort Worth area is to rent the event center. We have everything you need in affordable wedding venues during the winter months.  And if you don’t live in the Fort Worth area, find a place like Tarrant Events Center, and indoor and outdoor venue rental, ample parking, great heating system, everything you would need in a winter wedding venue.