birthday venues

Finding a birthday party rental space near you required planning, vision, and flexibility on your part.  We can help you with this article. We are Tarrant Events Center, the newest event space rental in the Fort Worth area, serving most of Tarrant County, Texas, and we are here to answer your questions and put you on the right path.

What does “birthday party halls for rent near me” mean?

You are going to host a birthday party and you want all of your friends and family to attend.  With that in mind, you will want to make it convenient for them to do so, and that means finding a venue rental close by.  No one wants to drive thirty miles to attend a party.  It’s just not convenient to do so.  Tarrant Events Center is centrally located so that it is convenient for anyone within a ten mile radius, which is basically all of Tarrant County.  You should find a similar location.

Your options when shopping for a party venue rental

You basically have two options: you can rent a turnkey event room rental venue like Tarrant Events Center, or you can rent a venue which also includes set-up, take-down, caterers, decorators, and entertainment, what is known as a package rental.  We suggest you go with the turnkey option because that way you not only save money by negotiating with individual vendors but you also get exactly what you want to match your vision of the party.

An example of a turnkey event rental

Here is what is offered at Tarrant Events Center, the leader among venues in Fort Worth:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Room for 50-300 attendees
  • Parking plus overflow parking
  • Indoor and outdoor venues
  • WiFi
  • 10,000 watt audio
  • Six 50” monitors
  • Cordless microphones

As you can see from this list, everything you need is provided. All that is left to do is make your vision come to life.

Things to consider when choosing a birthday party hall

Go through this list as you begin your search for a party venue:

  • What are the most important factors to you? Full service, lowest cost possible, the best or nothing, DIY, just need a space?
  • How many guests will you be expecting?
  • How close is the chosen venue to the majority of your guests?
  • Is the room already decorated or will you need to transform your venue to match your vision?
  • Does the venue provide catering or do you have to take care of food and drink?
  • What date will you have your party? Are the venues you are considering open for that date?
  • What is the layout of the space? Will you dance and eat in the same area or separate rooms?
  • What’s your total party budget? Will you still have room in your budget for music, decorations, cake, favors, invitations, transportation, etc. after spending money on the venue?

And then start your search as early as possible!  We cannot overemphasize this point. The earlier you begin your search, the better the chance you will find the birthday party rental space you desire.

Happy Hunting from Tarrant Events Center!