event center near me

If you are doing a search for birthday party places near me, we submit to you that you are limiting your options by about 500%, and limiting your options severely limits your ability to find exactly what you want at exactly the price you can afford to pay.

Allow us to clarify!  We are Tarrant Events Center, out of Fort Worth, Texas, and we are about to bestow our knowledge about birthday party venues upon you at no cost.  Give us a call if, after reading this, you have more questions, and if you are in Fort Worth for God’s sake, give us a call immediately.

What do you need for a birthday party rental space? 

Let’s make a list of what you need for a birthday party rental space.  The bare minimum would include:

  • A large space/common area
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Area for food set-up
  • Bar area for adults?
  • Music?
  • Entertainment?
  • Decorations

Did we forget anything about birthday venues?  The point we are making here is that what was just listed exists in any event space venue.   You don’t have to limit yourself to birthday party places near me.  Instead, you should also be looking at event space rental, small halls for rent, event hall rental, party venue rentals, and others.  By doing so, you increase your options and thus increase the chances you will find an adequate space at a great cost.

What about themed birthdays?

For sure, if you want a kid’s birthday party at the zoo, what we just told you does not apply.  If you want a birthday party at a lake, forget what we just said.  But if you want a Star Wars birthday party, or a Costume Birthday Party, it really makes no difference what kind of “hall” you rent, because those in charge of the decorations will change the venue into your theme.

Take Tarrant Events Center for instance.  We are an event space rental.  Any event!  We are a corporate event space, a party venue rental, an indoor wedding venue, and an outdoor wedding venue.  We can handle a birthday party or we can handle a marketing event.  We are whatever we want us to be, at a reasonable price, and we can make that claim because out event space is a generic space which can be transformed, by you, into whatever vision you want.  In other words, we provide the space, and you make that space into your vision.

Sounds like fun, right?

What do we offer at Tarrant Events Center?

Check it out:

  • Event space
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Sound system
  • Six 50” monitors
  • WiFi
  • Area for a bar
  • Area for food distribution
  • Adjacent outdoor venue (one acre with picnic tables)
  • Parking
  • Lots of parking

In short, everything you need for whatever birthday party you can dream up, and because we are a turnkey operation, our prices are reasonable and very competitive.

Not in Fort Worth?

Use the same approach no matter where you are.  Look for an event center, or a venue rental.  In that way you increase your options and thus increase the chances of finding a great location at a great price.

Give us a call if you are in Fort Worth!  We are here to help!