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We always get a bit nervous when we see that someone is looking for cheap halls for rent near me.  The word “cheap” opens up all manner of worm cans, if you know what we mean.  If you are looking for inexpensive halls for rent, that’s one thing, but cheap is a whole different ballgame.

Take it from us at Tarrant Events Center, serving the entire Fort Worth Metroplex as well as all of Tarrant County.  “Cheap” is bad; “inexpensive” is good!

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Steps to take in looking for an event space rental

Since we are in the business, our opinion might prove helpful to you, so we are tossing out these steps for you to consider and follow during your search for an event hall rental:

  1. See them in person and not online
  2. Read the fine print regarding set-up and take-down
  3. Read the fine print regarding amenities
  4. Make sure your necessities are included
  5. Make sure you have ample parking PLUS overflow parking
  6. Start your search early

Let’s touch on each of these points.

See them in person

Don’t trust online photos.  You need to go visit the physical site. That is the only way to get a real feel for the ambiance of the event hall.  It is also the only way to see all of the “warts” of the physical space.  Water damage from a broken water main won’t show on a website.  You need to walk the grounds and inspect it thoroughly.

Read fine print about set-up and take-down

How much time are you allotted to set-up and take-down?  It’s important to find out because in the event hall business, time is money. Some venues will charge you for an extra day’s rental if you are late in taking down after your event, and that’s a costly mistake.

Read fine print regarding amenities

What is included in your rental?  At Tarrant Events Center, we include the basics: tables, linens, chairs, audio and video system, WiFi, finished kitchen, and ample parking. We are not in the event business.  We are in the event venue business.  You know the image you want for your event, and you are best suited to make that image a reality.  We provide the space to make it happen.  We can recommend food trucks to save money, which we do. We can recommend a DJ to save money rather than a live band. We can make all manner of recommendations.  But we only provide the basics to keep the price of the rental down for you.

Make sure necessities are included

They should be. We just listed what we believe to be the necessities included in any venue rental.  Make sure they are included wherever you rent.

Ample parking and overflow parking

It’s amazing how many people do not consider parking when they are renting a venue rental.  Make sure if you have 100 attendees that there is room for their vehicles.  If they have to hike in from a distant parking lot they will not be happy on a 105 degree day.

Start early

We advise that you rent the event space one year in advance.  This insures it will be available for the date you want, and it also insures you will have time to do proper planning.

Add it all together and we give you this conclusion:  Tarrant Events Center is a quality, inexpensive hall for rent in Tarrant County, offering you a turnkey venue at a great price. We are locally owned and operated, meaning we will take good care of you.

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