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We have some thoughts about cheap reception venues (cheap event venues) we would like to share with you, we being Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Our thoughts apply in Fort Worth and they apply in Des Moines, Toronto, and San Diego, so read on and soak up our experience about cheap party halls for rent.

Two for the price of two

The fact that you are looking for cheap reception venues means you also have found a wedding venue, and that fact means you are paying for the wedding venue as well as the reception.

Two for two is not a good deal!

Price it out and see for yourself. In the Fort Worth area, you will pay between $300-$10,000 for a wedding venue.  In the same area, you will pay between $300-$10,000 for a reception area.

Most people do not have that much disposable cash available, so they either need an alternative or they need to take out a loan and start their marriage in the red financially.

Stop and think!  How about holding the wedding and the reception in the same building?

Two IN one is better, don’t you think?

It just makes good sense. Why pay for two event space rentals when one will do nicely? Why pay double when paying for one will be quite sufficient?  Places like our Tarrant Events Center are quite capable of handling a wedding and a reception at the same site.  We have an indoor venue and a one-acre outdoor space.  Two for one!  We have parking and overflow parking.  We have the capability of handling 50-300 people.  We have table seating for up to 135 people at one time.  We have chairs, tables, six-50” monitors, cordless mikes, and audio equipment.

At places like Tarrant Events Center, the event venue basics are provided. The amenities are left to you to arrange.  If you want a bartender, or catering, or food trucks, or entertainment, you work with vendors to find the best price possible.  Heck, if you want to do it all yourself, you can do that and save tons of money, truly making for a cheap reception venue as well an inexpensive wedding venue.  You can make it as inexpensive as you want because all you are paying for, upfront, is our very reasonable venue rental.

Does it sound overwhelming?

It really isn’t.  Everyone has family and/or friends who will help with the amenities.  If you truly want to save money, enlisting the aid of family and friends is the truly frugal way to go.  And Tarrant Events Center makes it all doable with a very reasonable venue fee.

Do you really want to hold the reception at a restaurant and pay $3,000 for the venue?  Do you really want to pay for banquet room in a hotel at premium prices? Of course you don’t.  We are suggesting a DIY wedding/reception, and our suggestion mean much less money spent.

Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, from Fort Worth to Irving to Arlington to Watauga, and all point in-between.  We are your one-stop shopping center for all manner of events. Give us a call!