party venues to rent

What does that mean, “cheap venues to rent near me?”  In particular, what does “near me” mean?  How far are you willing to travel to find the perfect venue rental near you?  More importantly, perhaps: how far are your attendees willing to travel for the event you are planning?

We are Tarrant Events Center, and we think this article can help you to answer those questions. Call us for more information.

What does “near me” mean?

Let’s talk about our own event space rental, Tarrant Events Center.  We are located in Fort Worth, but we tell people we service most, if not all, of Tarrant County, including these cities:

  • Fort Worth
  • North Richland Hills
  • Alliance Area
  • Keller
  • Southlake
  • Arlington
  • Northeast Tarrant
  • Haltom City
  • Watauga
  • Colleyville
  • Haslet
  • Roanoke
  • Trophy Club
  • Westlake

That’s about a twenty or twenty-five miles radius.  Will people travel that far for an event in the Fort Worth area? We believe they will.  Will our customers travel that far for small halls for rent? They have, they do, and they will. Twenty-five miles is nothing for an important event, and twenty-five miles is nothing for an event hall rental if it is the PERFECT event hall rental.

We cannot speak for your particular event, but we can share our professional experience with you, and that experience says that twenty-five miles constitutes “near me” in the venue rental business.

Now let’s talk about venue rentals

There are all manner of wedding venues, party venue rentals, corporate event space, and cheap banquet halls. Do a Google search of your area for corporate event space, and then do one for wedding venues; you will come up with two lists plus overlap. Do the same for party venue rentals. There will be places which appear on practically any search you conduct, and that is because a rose, by any other name, is still a rose.

In other words, an event space is an event space is an event space. As long as they offer the basics, an event space can handle any type of event you plan.  Bottom line: don’t get hung up on searching for an event space locked onto your particular event; look for an event space which best provides what you need for your event.

Let’s look at Tarrant Events Center

Since we know our place the best, let’s use it for an example.  You come to us, tell us you need an affordable wedding venue.  We tell you great, we can handle it.  Or you come to us and tell us you need a corporate event space, or a reception space, or a birthday party venue. We say great, we can handle it.  We are the event space for all events, and we can make that claim because we don’t specialize in a particular event.   We are what is known as a turnkey event center.  We provide the basic i.e. tables, chairs, linens, audio and video, WiFi, and you turn our center into any type of event you want.


Why do it that way? So you can create the event you want in an event space you can afford, that’s why!

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