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Any search in the Fort Worth area for “event center near me” will net you dozens of options, but the one you need to pay close attention to is this one, Tarrant Events Center, locally owned and operated.

We will now spend the remaining five-hundred words telling you why Tarrant Events Center is the “event center rentals near me” for you.

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Looking at event centers comes down to two questions: does the event center have what you need, and is it within your price range?  Let’s look at both of those considerations.

Does the event venue have what you need?

Breaking this question down to its basics, what you need in an event hall rental is the following:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Linens
  • Sound system
  • Monitors
  • Microphones
  • Parking

What you would like to have but do not need in an event space rental location:

  • Caterer
  • Bartender
  • Decorator
  • Live music

If the event venue you are looking at has the first list of necessities, that really is all you need from the venue.  You can negotiate for the second list, or you can provide for it by yourself and, in fact, you can arrange for a caterer, bartender, decorator, and music at a much better price than if they are included in your venue rental price/package.

Tarrant Events Center provides the necessities listed in the first list above.  You could basically rent from Tarrant Events Center at eight in the morning, set up for your event by nine, and have your event at ten.  We are the epitome of a turnkey operation, a simple business model which works marvelously well no matter what event is held here.

Does the event space rental come at a price you can afford?

This question ties into the first question.  If you are paying for a turnkey event rental like Tarrant Events Center, you are paying a very reasonable price for the necessities and nothing more.  You are fully capable of negotiating with caterers or food truck owners or musicians.  We have a finished kitchen in our center, so we can handle any amenities you may negotiate for, and by negotiating you save money.

Not true of many event venues!  Many will have package deals where catering is included and required n the jacked-up price.  Many will have music included and/or decorating.  If they are included in the venue rental price, you have lost the ability to negotiate, and that means paying a premium  price when a discounted price is possible.

Tarrant Events Center is a venue for all occasions and for almost all budgets.  We offer a reasonable, fair price which will appeal to a local Boy Scouts group for their annual dinner, and for a Fortune 500 corporation for their Board of Directors banquet.  If you can dream up the event, we can house it at Tarrant Events Center.  We are locally owned and operated, meaning we are your neighbors, and neighbors always take care of neighbors.

That’s just the Texas way of doing things!

About Tarrant Events Center

Located in Fort Worth, the Tarrant Events Center is centrally-located to serve all of Tarrant County.  Call us and let’s get you into the event venue you are looking for.