Speaker at corporate party held at Tarrant Events Center in Haltom City, TX.

Anyone who has ever had to plan for a corporate party understands how nerve-wracking it can be. And, if you have not done it yet, but are about to be tasked with it, trust us, it will test your patience. That is why we are giving you five tips for corporate party planning, based on our experience in this field.  We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our outstanding event center. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information.

And now, those five tips we promised you.

Corporate party planning Tip #1

Before you ever begin the planning process, determine a budget and then swear to the corporate gods that you will stay within that budget.  If you have a small budget, never fear; there are inexpensive event centers, and there are ways to make an inexpensive event room rental appear to be the Taj Mahal. The point is this: the budget should be one of two guiding lights in your planning process, so know it and stick to it.

Corporate party planning Tip #2

After you determine your party budget, sit down and write down your vision for that party. Make this as detailed as possible. Make a list of items you will need to make that vision a reality. Leave no stone unturned during this phase, because you will need it once you start searching for an event space rental.

Once you have your list compiled, make a spreadsheet with every item you need listed on that spreadsheet. This will help you once you begin your event location search.

Tip #3

Make initial phone calls, spreadsheet in hand, and ask each venue rental manager if they have the items on your spreadsheet. Do they have multiple rooms? Do they have a finishing kitchen? Do they have multiple video screens? Do they have various floor plans to choose from? Do they have a stage?  And, finally, what is their cost?

Once you have all of those answers jotted down on your spreadsheet, you can make the initial cutting from the list.  Narrow your list down to the Top Five and proceed.

Tip #4

Now we are getting down to the real nitty gritty.  It is time to make a visit to each of your Top 5 and do a walk-through.  Look for ambiance in addition to the practical items you need.  It must feel right or it simply will not work.

You also want to know how many hotels are in the vicinity, the number of restaurants in the vicinity, and the ease of access for each event center.

Once all that is done, discuss an event package and proposal with each of the locations, and make sure you ask about all-inclusive pricing and insurance during these discussions.

Finally, make your decision and reserve the event hall.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center, locally owned and operated, is one of the newest event centers in the Fort Worth area, and that means we try harder to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible.  Call us for all of your event needs and yes, we take reservations a full year in advance.