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Haltom City, Texas – September 28, 2022 – At Tarrant Events Center, we’ll be the first to say it: we like tradition. It’s the rock the house stands on, it’s the wind in our sails. It also provides among the best of reasons to gather together in celebration. Some celebrations are religious, some are social – a quinceanera is both.


“That’s what it’s called when the party is for a young lady when she’s turning 15. For a young man, quinceanero,” explains Jennifer Knittel, Marketing Manager for Tarrant Events Center, an event center Tarrant County has come to love. “Since coming on board TEC, I have discovered just what a popular tradition it is in the Latin communities, also throughout Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean.”


An event that honors the passage from girlhood to womanhood (or boyhood to manhood) upon reaching the age of 15, it’s part of a rich legacy. “We’re always proud when you come to us to book the date,” smiles Jennifer.


The fact that the Tarrant Events Center can accommodate from 50 to 300, with a beautiful new indoor space plus an acre of greenery for mingling and strolling, makes the idea of holding a quinceanera party here ever more inviting. And this type of event traditionally means tasty food, so we let you call the shots: you can opt for anything from chef catering and full tended bar to bring-your-own-food and bring-your-own bottle.


“It’s also part of tradition that the father of the birthday girl or guy will make quite a touching toast,” says Jennifer. “Your guests will see it on 10 huge LED TV’s. We’ve got you covered, proud papa.”


Then, when the music starts, and the birthday girl and her honor court dance in their fancy dresses, followed by that teary-eyed papa dancing with his daughter, know that we have a state-of-the-art sound system to contribute to the magic.


So if that 15th birthday is coming up for that young lady or young man among your family or friends, and a quinceanera, or quincenaero, is one of your favorite traditions – the welcoming into young womanhood or manhood – you know who you’ll want to call to find rental banquet halls near me.


Papa, mama, or bestie, dial the Tarrant Events Center at (817) 996-3636 or visit our website.


About Tarrant Events Center


The Tarrant Events Center (TEC) is located at 5230 Denton Highway, off Loop 820, in Haltom City, Texas.  With more than 5,000 square feet of indoor space and an acre of landscaped grounds, TEC is an ideal adult’s – and kid’s – party space rental.  For more information, call Jennifer at (817) 996-3636 or visit Tarrant Events Center.