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For those looking for “party hall rentals near me,” this article should be helpful. In it we are going to talk about how to choose a quality party venue rental.  And for the purpose of identification, WE are Tarrant Events Center, serving all of Fort Worth, Texas, so we know a thing or two about an event space rental.  Kick back, learn a thing or two about venue rental, and then call us if you have questions.

Things to look for in party hall rentals

Let’s break this down to manageable chunks.  When renting a party hall rental, you need to consider the following:

  • Location
  • Flexibility of the management team
  • Capacity of site
  • Parking
  • Amenities

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail.


Check out the locations of the party hall venues.  Are they easily-accessed?  Are they centrally-located so that your guests all have a fairly easy drive to the party?  Social event venues should not be so far away no one wants to drive to them, and they should not be in a congested part of the city, thus causing traffic problems.


Is the management team of the party venue easy to work with, and are they flexible enough to handle your specific needs?  Not all parties are the same!  A party venue management team should be willing to adjust to the individual customers, and not just use a template for all to follow – or so it seems to us at Tarrant Events Center.


What is the capacity of your venue rental?  What is the capacity if sitting at tables? The number changes, you know.  At Tarrant Events Center, we can handle numbers between 10-275, but banquet table capacity is 100, and auditorium seating is 135.  Keep that in mind when looking at a space.  Also, is there an outdoor space for those who want to get outside for some fresh air.  Adjacent outdoor spaces, like the one-acre at Tarrant Events Center, are very handy and helpful for practically any event.


If you invite one-hundred people, you better have parking for one-hundred people and, quite frankly, you really should have overflow parking as well.  Tarrant Events Center has both.  You shouldn’t settle for less.  Your party can be a bust before it even starts if your guests have to walk blocks to get into the party venue.


This is important, so pay close attention. Find out exactly what you are getting for your rental fee. Do not assume anything.  Get an inventory of every item which is included in the rental fee. How many tables? How many chairs? Are linens included?  Is there WiFi? Are there microphones and a good audio system?  Is there a kitchen? Does the site provide a caterer? How about take-down crew and the amount of time you have to take-down and leave the venue?

We strongly suggest you make a list of these questions before you visit any venue.  And hey, try negotiating for some items.  And ask for recommendations for things they do not provide, like a caterer, a bartender, food trucks, etc.  Even if they don’t provide those things, they may have good recommendations.

And that about does it for this party hall rentals primer.  Good luck on your search. Give us a call – Tarrant Events Center  – if we can be of assistance.