We just did a Google search for “party venues in Fort Worth” and received 163 venue rental suggestions.  They ranged from $350 per rental to over $10,000.  Heck, even the Fort Worth Central Library was charging $2,000 for an event.

Ten-thousand dollars for a party space rental? That better be one heck of a party, and the people throwing that party better have some serious cash.

We are Tarrant Events Center and we invite you to join us in a short discussion about party venues in Fort Worth.  We think you’ll find it illuminating.  After the virtual discussion, call us about places to throw a party in Fort Worth.

Situations to be aware of, and wary of

We saw several restaurants among the options Google gave us.  Nice places, many of them unique, and they would certainly do a fine job hosting your party . . . but . . .

Restaurants love to sell their food, and their food, as in catering, is oftentimes part of the price/contract you sign with them.  One restaurant in particular on this list is charging $5,000 for the party venue, and we know for a fact that $3,000 of that cost is the food you are required to purchase from them.

How about hotels?

There were many hotels on that Google list for event room rental.  The problem with hotels is basically the same as the restaurant problem: you are going to pay for extras you probably don’t want to pay for, like set-up, take-down, catering, servers, and even entertainment.

What about specialty venues?

Sure you could rent a ballpark or a theater or an amusement park, but you better have bottomless pockets, and you better read the fine print.  You can count on labor unions and police and fire regulations and on and on we go, where the expenses and headaches end, nobody knows.

The only intelligent and budget-wise option

Did any of you see the old movie “The Graduate” made in the 60’s? Dustin Hofffman graduates from college, and at his graduation party some old guy comes up to him and says “ I only have one word for you, one word which can change your life, and that word is plastics!”

Well we only have one word for you if you are looking for party venues, and that word is turnkey.

A turnkey venue like Tarrant Events Center provides you with the basics for any event, and those basics include the following:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Linens
  • Audio equipment
  • Visual equipment
  • WiFi
  • Parking and overflow parking
  • Indoor and outdoor venue combination

And we leave the rest up to you! There are no hidden fees. There are no inclusions in the contract for catering or set-up or entertainment.  We provide the space and you arrange for everything else for your party.

Is it a little bit more work for you? Of course it is, but it also gives you the chance to be creative while at the same time saving money, and that’s a win-win situation which appeals to many people.

Bottom line: you can spend $2,000 for the library, or ten grand for a five-star hotel, or you can take matters into your own hands and create a party you would be proud of for a fraction of the cost.

Tarrant Events Center . . . we are leading the way in Fort Worth!  Call us and let’s PARTY DOWN!