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In this article about shopping for reception venues, we are going to share an industry secret most venue rental companies do not share.

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Now, though, let’s talk about that industry secret we mentioned earlier.

The truth about reception venues

The following statement is made from the viewpoint of the average American shopping for a reception venue: They are expensive!

Reception venues can range from $500 to $5000 or more, and to the average American, that is a sizeable chunk of change.  Add to that the cost of decorations, the cost of food, the cost of entertainment, and the cost of the wedding venue, and it is no surprise that shopping for reception venues is a stressful undertaking.

Now, this may be a strange thing for an event center management to admit, in an article, but it is the truth, and at Tarrant Events Center, we believe in being straight-forward with our clients. We get it, we really do, and we believe our clients appreciate the fact that we understand how much money they are paying, and how much of a burden that expense is to them.

The most common mistake made when shopping for reception venues

What, then, is the most common mistake made when shopping for reception venues?

We believe the biggest mistake people can make, when shopping for reception venues, is to shop for separate wedding venues and reception venues.  That approach means double the cost. Even affordable, inexpensive wedding venues will cost you a couple thousand dollars, and then tack on a couple thousand dollars for the reception venue and, well, you are looking at a serious strain on the bank account.

Instead, we believe people with a limited budget, should be looking to combine the wedding, and the reception, in one event space rental.  And that is exactly the reason why we have our event center plus an acre of landscaped grounds attached to our event center.

Look for a place like Tarrant Events Center in your city

Think about it!  At a place like Tarrant Events Center, our clients can have the wedding inside the event center, and the reception outside . . . or vice versa, a lovely outdoor wedding venue and an indoor reception venue, all for the price of one venue rental.  This convenient idea means guests do not have to travel from one venue to another for the reception. It means ease of preparation, because two separate events can be decorated and prepared, with relative ease, because they are both in the same location. It also means it is much easier to take down and clean up after the two events.

Two for the price of one!  Simple, convenient, and affordable!  This is a great approach for our clients. True, we do not make as much money with this arrangement, but we believe our clients will appreciate the option, and that appreciation will translate into word-of-mouth positive advertising for us.

We all win in the long run!

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, and we are one of the newest event centers in Fort Worth. We may be a bit unconventional in our approach to event centers: we believe the customer always comes first!  Call us and talk to our leasing agent. Arrange for a guided tour of our wedding and reception venue. Find out how convenient it can be when you are dealing with an event center that puts your needs first.