hall for rent with food prep facilities

If you are looking for small halls for rent near me (you), you have probably noticed an unusual fact; there is a lack of “small” halls in the DFW Metroplex.  It’s like all the halls for rent built were built for events with several hundred (or thousand) people in mind.

What about the little events?  Why pay for a mammoth event center when you only have an event being attended by fifty people?

We can help! We are Tarrant Events Center, serving all of Tarrant County, and we can handle groups as small as ten people and as large as 275.

Call us!  We embrace small!

All of Tarrant County?

Yes, all of Tarrant County!  If you want a small event hall rental Fort Worth, we can oblige.  If you want small venue rental near me in Watauga, we can oblige.  If you want small event venues near me in North Richland Hills, we can oblige!

All of Tarrant County!

Please notice our name – Tarrant Events Center, with emphasis on “event,” any event, as in an all-purpose event space rental waiting for you.  Are you looking for a party venue rental?  Are you looking for a corporate event space?  Are you looking for wedding venues or reception venues?  No matter what the nature of your event is, Tarrant Events Center is right for you.

We are referred to as a turnkey event space

Consider this: why is vanilla ice cream so popular?  In an industry where there are hundreds of exotic flavors to choose from, vanilla reigns supreme. Why is that?  We believe it is because you can make vanilla ice cream anything you want to make it.  You can pour butterscotch over it and you have butterscotch ice cream.  You can mix it with chocolate syrup and you have chocolate ice cream.  You can put blueberries on it or strawberries.  It is the perfect ice cream for a society which has many different tastes.

A turnkey event space is a bit like vanilla ice cream.  Tarrant Events Center can be anything you want it to be.  If you want a bachelor party venue, rent Tarrant Events Center.  If you want a wine-tasting event, rent Tarrant Events Center.  If you want a biker’s club reunion, rent Tarrant Events Center.

We give you the basics i.e. chairs, tables, linens, WiFi, sound system, and we give you the key and tell you to make it into whatever you envision.

And we do it at a remarkably fair price among hall rentals.

We have a finished kitchen if you want to cater your event.  We have a list of trusted food trucks if you want to go that route for food.  We know DJ’s we have worked with in the past if you want music.  We can advise, and we can offer our event space at a very fair price, but the other decisions are up to you!

You are the Rembrandt and we are the canvas!


So what are you waiting for?

Your search for small halls for rent near me has come to an end. Tarrant Events Center is the hall rental you’ve been looking for. Call us and we will make your vision a reality.