cheap wedding venues offer big savings

Looking for wedding places near you?  We have a word of advice for you about wedding venues: don’t settle on one until you are sure it is exactly what you want. There are too many to choose from, and you should never just “settle” for something so important.

We are Tarrant Events Center, and we specialize, not only in affordable wedding venues, but in wedding venues which meet the needs and desires of many.  Call us for more information.

How to find the perfect match for your vision?

We have broken it all down to these steps in finding inexpensive wedding venues which match your vision:

  • Write down exactly what your vision is. What does your “perfect” wedding look like? Be specific and take some time with this step, because it is the foundation of your venue rental
  • Begin calling around to event space rental companies; tell them exactly what you want. If they can provide it, and meet your vision, they make the first cut. If not, lose them.
  • Take your paired down list and visit each of them. Ask a boatload of questions.
  • Compare their costs to your budget
  • Make your decision. Make sure any contract you sign completely reflects the discussions you had with the rental company.

Items you can control in wedding planning

Let’s briefly talk about things you have complete control over, things which can directly affect the cost and the realization of your vision/dream:

  • Name the date of the wedding early; be flexible
  • Determine what you can do or what you can designate for completion by someone else
  • Get in touch with your creative side

Let’s look at each of these factors in wedding planning.

Name the date

It is always recommended that you name your wedding date a year in advance.  Yes, it takes that long to prepare for your special event.  We also want you to be flexible in naming the date.  Off-season weddings can be less-expensive than in-season weddings.  Can your vision happen in November rather than May?  If so, you might see the cost diminish.

What can you do?

May wedding venues will try to include catering or photography or set-up and take-down in their price. Do you really need someone else to do those things for you, or to arrange for them?  You can call a caterer.  You can arrange for food trucks or a photography or set-up help.  What about decorating?  You must have friends who will pitch in and help decorate the venue? Why pay inflated prices for these things if you can call on friends and family to do them?


The more creative you are, and the more flexible you are, the better your chances of making this a dream wedding. Find a wedding venue, like Tarrant Events Center, which has a management team willing to work with you.  We understand, at our Fort Worth location, that weddings are hopefully once in a lifetime events, and we work closely with our clients to make that once in a lifetime event come off perfectly.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated in Fort Worth, Texas, serving all of Tarrant County.  Call us for more information.  We are standing by to help you.