wedding venues

True fact: there are wedding venues in the Fort Worth area which cost $10,000 or more per rental.

And they rent on a regular basis!

Obviously, those wedding ceremony venues are being rented by the Uber-rich and not the “other 99% of Americans, and we are happy for them and we wish them well, but where can the other 99% find inexpensive wedding venues i.e. budget wedding venues, cheap wedding venues, for their special occasion?

Welcome to Tarrant Events Center, one of the newest event center location in all of Tarrant County.  Call us for information and to arrange for a tour of our shining-new event space rental.

The price of wedding venues

Pricing for wedding venues is all over the price spectrum.  You can probably find a VFW Hall which will rent for $500 per event, or some small church/chapel.  The price rises as the popularity of the event hall rental rises.  Tarrant Events Center rents for between $850 and $2,500, depending upon half-day or full-day rental, and what day of the week you are renting.  Our prices are a bit below the industry standard.

The cost of incidentals

The cost of incidentals can oftentimes be more than the cost of the wedding venue. The cost of food, of music, of entertainment, of drinks, of decorations, of set-up and take-down, these add up quickly and can become a large expense.  Our suggestion: do as many of these things as possible yourself, or with the help of friends. If that is not an option, negotiate with various vendors to find the best price possible.

At Tarrant Events Center, we can give you a list of vendors for you to contact, vendors we have worked with in the past, vendors we trust, but other than that, we stay out of the negotiations.  Again, there is money to be saved with this aspect of wedding-planning, so start early and do your due diligence.

An idea for saving money

You might be able to save big on expenses if you have the wedding and the wedding reception at the same event venue.  As an example, Tarrant Events Center has the event hall but also over one-acre of landscaped grounds.  It would be no problem to set up for a wedding (ten floor plans to choose from, plus a moveable stage) and set up for the reception outside.  That way you are only paying for one location, for a full-day rental, rather than two locations for half-day rentals each, plus two deposits, and you are also saving on the hassle of everyone traveling to the wedding venue and then to the reception venue.

About Tarrant Events Center

We are the little engine that could. We are not some national venue chain. We are locally owned and operated, one of the new kids in the industry, and that means we will try harder to make your wedding event a smashing success.  Call us early to make sure your chosen date is available. We take reservations a full year in advance, and with the all inclusive pricing guarantee, the price you agree upon is the price for the entire year leading up to the event, no hidden costs added.