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In this article we will take a little sneak-peak into the pricing practices of wedding venues across the United States.  If you are looking to rent a wedding venue, and you are looking with great intent for at affordable wedding venues, this article will be helpful.

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There are two costs to be aware of when renting a wedding venue.  One of those prices is the one everyone sees in the ads – “Inexpensive Wedding Venue for $850” – we will call that the primary rental cost. The other is the incidental cost, or the hidden cost, and this price no one hears about until it is time to sign the rental contract.  Let’s look more closely at both of these.

The primary event space rental cost

The primary event space rental cost can often be misleading.  It is the main price all people see on the websites and in advertisements.  It is the price most people pay close attention to when price-shopping.  It is the price used when comparing wedding venues and compiling a wedding ceremony venues budget.

But it is only part of the price charged in many instances, and that is because of incidental costs.

Incidental costs

Incidental costs are the “hidden costs,” the fine print in the rental contract many people do not pay attention to. These are the “set-up” costs, or the “take-down” costs.  These are the “food servers” costs or the costs associated with securing decorations or entertainment.  There could be “power surge” costs if you use too much electricity. There can be “clean-up” costs.

Beware!  Read the fine print. Do not sign a rental contract until you are totally aware of all costs hidden inside that contract!

What is all-inclusive pricing

At Tarrant Events Center, we use what is called “all inclusive pricing.” This means there are no hidden costs. The price we quote you on our website, and the price we quote you when you are sitting down with our leasing agent, is the final price you will pay, and that price is locked in for a full twelve months from the time you sign the contract.

We don’t believe in surprises at Tarrant Events Center.  We know how important the wedding is to you. We know how special that day is. We know that many people are working with a tight budget.  And we also know if we treat our clients well, they will use us in the future or recommend us to others.

So we are transparent from the get-go with our pricing.  There are no surprises at the end of the wedding ceremony with all-inclusive pricing. There are no extra billings appearing in your mailbox a month after the wedding.

And our clients appreciate that!

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Call us if you are planning a wedding in the Fort Worth area. We have all you need, ten floor plans to work with, and over an acre of landscaped grounds as an added bonus.  We are locally owned and operated, and we believe in taking care of our customers.