wedding venues

If we know anything about indoor wedding venues, and we do, we know that two things are of primary importance when you are looking for indoor wedding venues near me: you are looking for affordability and you are looking ambiance.

We deliver both at Tarrant Events Center with our wedding venues, but perhaps not in the way you think.

Read on to better understand that curious statement.

How expensive are wedding venues?

In many instances, wedding venues are very expensive.

In the case of Tarrant Events Center, the perfect description of our facility is affordable wedding venues.

Why are wedding venues so expensive?  The main cost of a wedding venue is either the special setting or the amenities tacked onto the cost.  A special setting might be like home plate at Minute Maid Park, or a wedding gazebo at a popular tourist attraction.  You can literally pay thousands of dollars for the use of such a venue for a four-hour period.

Most couple getting married cannot afford to shell out five-thousand dollars for a place to get married.

Tarrant Events Center and our ownership team understand that.  Very few people are rich.  Very few! The majority of couple getting married are living from paycheck to paycheck, and we don’t believe you should start your lives together shouldering an enormous wedding debt.

We will not do that to you at Tarrant Events Center and that’s a promise you can hold us to.

The other major cost of a wedding venue is . . .

We mentioned earlier the attached amenities.  We are talking about caterers and decorators and live music.  We are talking about set-up crews and take-down crews.  Get married at a popular restaurant and you can bet they will want their staff doing the cooking for you.  That adds to an already expensive wedding, and nobody needs that kind of financial burden.

We don’t do that at Tarrant Events Center.  We don’t add any cost to our rental fee.  We have a finished kitchen if you want to bring caterers in.  We have space for a bar, and we have a great sound system if you want to hire a DJ.  Heck, we have a list of food trucks we have worked with in the past if you want to go that route, a route we recommend for its low cost.

About Tarrant Events Center

Here are the basics you need to know about Tarrant Events Center.  We can handle between 10-275 people.  We have banquet tables and auditorium tables.  Of course we have chairs and linens.  Toss in a 10,000 Watt sound system, WiFi, and six-50” monitors, ample parking and overflow parking,  and you have a wedding venue package which is hard to ignore at a price which is darned near impossible to match.

And something you won’t find at very many wedding ceremony venues . . . one acre of property for your guests to mill about before or after the wedding, a great setting for wedding photos and/or reception photos.

Hey, if you have your heart set on getting married at a Major League ballpark, we say go for it and our blessings to you; just make sure you are aware of the cost beforehand.  On the other hand, if you want an affordable wedding venue which delivers quality at a great price, then Tarrant Events Center is the call you should make.