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Looking for low budget wedding venues is a bit more complicated than doing a Google search for inexpensive wedding venues, or affordable wedding venues.  We wish it was that easy, but eventually you need to put your feet to the pavement and check out the venues in person.  And when you do that, this little guide will help you.

We are Tarrant Events Center, the newest turnkey wedding venue in Fort Worth, Texas, and even if you don’t live in Fort Worth or the surrounding area, this article will be helpful for you.  Take it one step closer if you live in the Fort Worth area and call us.

Let’s talk about the bare necessities you need from a low budget wedding venues. They would include the following:

  • Ample size to handle the attendees
  • Ample parking
  • Low cost
  • Chairs and audio equipment

Those are the absolute bare necessities to hold a wedding, in our opinion.  Of course, it gets a bit tricky.  Oftentimes, when speaking of venues, one size does not fit all.  Tarrant Events Center can handle attendees ranging from 50-300 in number, but not all venue rentals have that sort of flexibility.

Ample parking plus . . .

How many people will be attending? How many of them will drive cars?  What happens if the site parking is not enough?  Do the venues have overflow parking like you find at Tarrant Events Center?  It would be a bit disappointing to drive to a wedding only to find no parking spaces, don’t you think?

Low cost

Now we are going to let you in on a little secret: most wedding venues Fort Worth offer a “package deal,” and if you are trying to save money, you need to stay away from package deals.  A package deal might include catering.  A package deal might include decorations or music.  You pay for those extras, and oftentimes you pay a premium cost.  Tarrant Events Center is a turnkey operation.  We provide the venue.  We believe you can find amenities at a lower cost, so all we do it provide the basics and leave the rest to you to do.  Consequently, Tarrant Events Center is priced very reasonably and competitively in the Fort Worth area.

Chairs and audio equipment

If you want your guests to sit down, chairs are non-negotiable. If you want them to hear the vows, audio equipment is a must. This would seem logical to many, but it is still something you need to ask about when you are looking at wedding venues.

And beyond the wedding

What about a reception venue?  Most weddings are followed by a reception, correct?  And that means another venue rental, correct?

Not necessarily!  You might consider renting the same venue for the wedding and for the reception.  You will most likely get a better price if you hold both events at the same place, and your guests will certainly be grateful for that gesture.  Tarrant Events Center makes that possibility a reality. Our venue is flexible and is quite adequate for both events at a very reasonable cost.

Bottom line

If you are looking at low budget wedding venues, stick to your budget and use these tips to find the venue you really want.  Start early and good luck with your search!

Live in Fort Worth? Call us and we will make this happen!