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What does “all-inclusive” mean when we say all-inclusive wedding venues near you?

It’s important that you understand that term, and this article will help you to do so and, in the process, save you money and help you to avoid some serious headaches as you plan and prepare your wedding.

We are Tarrant Events Center, the newest of the local wedding venue in the Fort Worth area, and we are here to help you. Call us for information, to arrange a tour, and to discuss the possibilities for that wedding of yours.

What does all-inclusive pricing mean?

It means, simply, that there are no secrets.  From our website, we explain it this way:

“Unlike some other wedding venues and special event venues, our all-inclusive pricing structure means you know the total facility rental cost up-front before you sign on the dotted line.

“There are no contractual surprises; we feature all-inclusive pricing which means you be confident that before, during, or after the event that there are no hidden expenses, unforeseen charges, or last-minute fees that blow your budget.”

The price we quote you may, or may not, be the lowest price quote in the county, but it will be the only price quote you hear from us.  Sign the contract and you won’t hear another word about money from us at Tarrant Events Center.

Do other local wedding venues really sneak in extra expenses?

You better believe they do.  Certainly not many of them, but you can take our word for it, it’s all spelled out in the fine print of that contract you sign, so you better read every word of that fine print.  Many a wedding planner has had surprise fees ruin their day.  Many a budget has been smashed by hidden costs no one saw coming.

We won’t do that at Tarrant Events Center, and we have one solid reason for that commitment: we want you to think of us the next time you have another special event!

We want your return business!

We want your future trust!

Plus, honesty is just good business practice, especially for a locally owned and operated company.

Here’s what we believe about the venue rental business

Return business does not happen because of pricing.  Return business happens because of customer service and a willingness to be honest and helpful. Rarely is return business about price.  In an increasingly sterile world, quality customer service will be remembered, and we are betting our future on it here at Tarrant Events Center.

Where is Tarrant Events Center?

We are located at the major intersection of Denton Highway and Loop 820 in Haltom City.

Why are we special?  The four main reasons are:

  • Centrally located, brand-new, shiny clean event venue
  • Unlimited food and beverage options, including BYOF and BYOB
  • All-inclusive pricing packages
  • A completely versatile space for any special event from 50-300 people.

We offer a trendy industrial style vibe with a touch of classical elegance, a perfect balance of fun and sophistication, and our facility makes the perfect backdrop for your wedding, reception, or bridal shower.

Call us, put your trust in us, and breathe a sigh of relief. You have found the best of the wedding ceremony venues.