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What does that mean, “low budget wedding venues near me?”  It’s kind of nebulous, you know?  Low budget to Mark Cuban might be a couple hundred thousand dollars.  Low budget to you might be a couple thousand.  It’s all relative, right, to the individual looking for a venue?

And what does “near me” mean?  If you found a great deal on affordable wedding venues thirty miles away, is that near you enough?  Or will you only consider inexpensive wedding venues within ten miles?  It’s like looking for local wedding venues. What’s local mean?  Or looking for best wedding venues.  Best for whom?  Again, it’s all relative, right?

We are Tarrant Events Center, and we specialize in indoor wedding venues, outdoor wedding venues, and any other kind of wedding venue you can dream up.  Call us today!

How to save money on a wedding venue

Since you are looking for low budget wedding venues near you, obviously you are interested in saving money. We can help.

If you are looking to save money on a wedding venue, you need to consider these two things:

  • Be flexible with your date
  • Be flexible and creative in planning your wedding

A word, or fifty, about each of those factors.

Be flexible with your wedding date

The wedding date matters.  It matters to the people being wed, for a variety of reasons, and it matter, oftentimes, in the price of the venue rental. There are off-seasons for weddings, and off-seasons often mean a lower cost.  Most people get married in May, June, and July.  Fewer people get married in November, December, and January. The Law of Supply and Demand will tell you, then, that it is entirely possible to find a lower price on a venue during the off-season months when demand is down.

Just something to think about when you are setting a date. Winter weddings can be every bit as lovely as spring weddings.

Be flexible and creative in planning

Tarrant Events Center is considered an affordable wedding venue because we are a turnkey event venue. We provide the basics and leave the negotiation for the fluff up to you.

We provide tables, chairs, linens, WiFi, audio equipment, cordless microphones, monitors, and ample parking.  We tell you to negotiate for food, for entertainment, for decorations, and for music.  In those negotiations there is money to be saved, and in saving that money you will go from “expensive wedding” to “affordable wedding.”  At Tarrant Events Center we recommend caterers, we recommend DJ’s, we can recommend food trucks and people who can help you with set-up and take-down, but all we charge you for is the venue.  And that gives you the power of managing your finances and your own budget.

Yes, there are low budget wedding venues near you, no matter when you look. The trick is in knowing what to look for, and knowing the questions to ask when you are looking.

We can help. The name, again, is Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, locally owned and operated, a name you can trust.  Call us today!